Coping with the Holidays During a Pandemic, Let's Talk About it

Many of our families are rethininking traditional family get-togethers and festive parties in order to adhere to public health guidelines during the pandemic. With so many factors at play that may add to our stress levels, we encourage our patients to schedule an appointment with addiction specialist, Richard Repass, MD at  Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment. He understands the concerns you have with the approaching holiday season, and recommends that you follow through with your course of treatment in our office or through the convenient telemedicine platform.

We are here to help strengthen your health and wellness goals for the New Year by working together to develop a plan that's right for you. The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect on your personal goals for the future, and the Revolution Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment team is here to provide the person centered care and support you deserve. 

As a reminder, these changing times can also provide a wonderful opportunity to invest in yourself. Use the time to get the sleep you need and improve your nutrition. If you’re feeling down, engage in light exercise to keep your mind clear. The more you commit to investing in your self-care, the stronger you’ll feel physically and mentally. It’s also good to take advantage of the quiet time you have available to relax, read or take up a cooking class. Many fun classes and self help workshops can be found on the internet these days, often free of charge! 

If your holiday wish is to give yourself the gift of recovery, call now to speak with Dr. Repass about our BR+NAD therapies and other treatment options. Receiving medically supervised infusions of BR+NAD™ is an effective way to detox from alcohol and a variety of drugs, including opioids, benzodiazepines, and cannabis

Infusion therapy also helps you successfully overcome your addiction in the long term by changing how your brain works, restoring your mental clarity, and reducing your cravings for alcohol and drugs. 

Schedule your consultation now through our online booking system or please  call our Mercer Island, Washington, office today to speak with Dr. Richard Repass, MD. We look forward to hearing from you, and wish all of our friends good health, peace and joy.

Dr. Richard Repass

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