Understanding Alcohol Poisoning: Signs and Treatments

Understanding Alcohol Poisoning: Signs and Treatments

Alcohol poisoning can be a life-threatening condition that requires emergency medical attention. If you or someone you know consumes excessive amounts of alcohol, you should understand the warning signs of alcohol poisoning to get the help needed to save a life.

At Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment, we offer comprehensive, compassionate care for individuals with alcohol addiction.

Our addiction medicine specialist, Richard E. Repass, MD, provides safe detox services using BR+NAD™ therapy. He also provides customized medication-assisted treatment (MAT) plans to help you overcome your addiction, so you can live a healthy, more fulfilling life.

What to know about alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning can result after drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short time period. Excessive alcohol use can lead to trouble breathing and in the most serious cases, coma and premature death.

A common cause of alcohol poisoning is binge drinking. In men, binge drinking describes the consumption of five or more alcoholic beverages within a two-hour span of time. In women, four alcoholic drinks within two hours is considered binge drinking.

It’s possible to consume fatal doses of alcohol before you pass out and lose consciousness because your body absorbs alcohol quickly, which gets processed by your liver.

Even when you’re not conscious, your intestines and stomach continue to release alcohol into your bloodstream, which causes the alcohol content in your body to keep rising.

Spotting the symptoms of alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning causes a variety of symptoms that can quickly turn severe. Common indicators that you’ve had too much and the alcohol levels in your body are too high include:

When you’re with someone who is showing signs of alcohol poisoning, call 911 immediately or take them to the nearest hospital emergency room. Never leave them alone, and be prepared to keep them sitting up to prevent gag reflex complications that vomiting can cause.

If you or a loved one have a history of excessive drinking or alcohol poisoning, you can find the recovery resources you need at Revolution Psychiatric & Addiction Treatment.

Effective treatments for alcohol poisoning and addiction

The immediate treatment plan for alcohol poisoning is consistent medical care while your body detoxes the alcohol. Emergency treatments may include supplemental oxygen, intravenous fluids, and breath and heart rate monitoring.

After your hospital discharge, Dr. Repass can take over your care plan to help you overcome your addiction to alcohol. He offers medications to reduce the euphoric sensations you may get from alcohol and eliminate cravings.

We also offer medications like Antabuse that block your body’s ability to break down alcohol and cause uncomfortable symptoms like sweating and nausea that deter you from drinking.

Dr. Repass also specializes in BR+NAD infusion therapy to control your cravings for alcohol. Treatment can improve your mood, enhance cognitive function, and restore the health of your nervous system to support your long-term recovery from alcohol addiction.

Call our office in Mercer Island, Washington, today to schedule a consultation for alcohol addiction.

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