Adolescence Problems

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Richard E. Repass, MD

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The Washington State Healtchare Authority has created a new program that is allowing youth ages 13-17 to gain access to much needed healthcare services such as support for addiction and mental health concerns. The FIT Program presents an opportunity for parent, guardian, stepparent, kinship caregiver, other relative or authorized individual may bring theiradolescent age 13 to 17 years old to any mental health evaluation and treatment facility, hospital, inpatient facilityor an approved substance use disorder (SUD) treatment program and request that a mental health evaluation orsubstance use disorder assessment be conducted by a professional person to determine whether the adolescenthas a mental health or substance use disorder and is in need of inpatient or outpatient treatment.


What is the FIT program? Its an opportunity to get support now without the red tape you may have encountered in the past. It is both a solution for youth seeking care with or without parental consent, and for parents to get high quality services to their children when they are aware there is an issue even if their child doesn’t consent. Lets face it the world has been in crisis for a very long time and youth have more pressure on them today then ever before. Substance Abuse services focus primarily on adult services and the world is finally catching on that addiction is gripping todays youth in higher volume than ever before. We here at revolution are here to make sure that you have access to care that is concrete, easy to access, affordable and considers the needs of adolescence on every level. We offer state of the art interventions for substance use and misuse, as well as mental health services and supportive outreach in the form of ongoing and continuous support with psychotherapy. Adolescence are paired with clinicians who understand the challenges of todays youth and are here to offer them space for support and healing that is devoid of judgement and pressure.