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Below we breakdown what our treatment is, why it helps eliminate cravings and withdrawal; and how it helps dramitically heal and change the mind/body connection to this powerful substance from one of need and urgency to one of disinterest and wellness. 

Understanding the usefulness of NAD BR+ in eliminating the use of Tobacco

NAD BR+ & Tobacco Cessation.

(what, why and how)

What is NAD BR+?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme that is found in every cell in the human body. It drastically aids in improved body/brain functionality and restores damage that has been caused over the course of our lives. Using NAD treatment for cessation of tobacco and other addiction issues, is a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical medications for successful addiction recovery.

 NAD helps to replace depleted vitamins and minerals and detox the body so it can heal. It improves the brains ability to  function properly while also accelerating the body and brain’s healing potential.

We believe that it rapidly changes how your body recovers from the damage caused by addiction and can help you better manage any symptoms associated with post-acute withdrawal syndrome. It reduces and eliminates cravings and eases the common reported and lived experience of pain associated with withdrawal things such as:

headaches, irritability, depression, and difficulty concentrating; etc

Withdrawal pain that is typically associated with a reduction in a persons ability to follow through with thoughts of quitting successfully, and when attempted typically leads to higher relapse rates and an active return to  other reinforcing negative habits.

Why Does our NAD BR+ treatment Work?

NAD is administered in a slow IV drip, while being monitored by Dr. Richard Repass and his team of highly skilled Physician Assistants in a relaxing outpatient-based setting for up to 10 days. The IV method allows NAD to cross the blood brain barrier more swiftly and get to work targeting and healing the body and brain by flushing out toxins rapidly.

Our clients undergo a comprehensive evaluative process by our highly trained clinical team, who help develop a plan to address health and wellness from a Bio-Psycho-Social approach.

Our effective way of guiding and structuring the course of the person’s treatment, and aftercare leads to high success rates, and treatment satisfaction. We implore additional evidence-based practices to help people address any other co-occurring issues they may have that will further assist their recovery.

From ongoing therapy, mindfulness training, support groups taught by trained clinicians; and hypnotherapy we are here to help you lead a Revolution in your own life.

During our treatments, we welcome people to read, sleep, relax and even do work using laptops and phones. We do suggest limiting the amount of work you are doing while undergoing treatments, as this is shown to be the most optimal approach. Individuals needing to have professional or private calls or zoom meetings, however, are able to access our conference room while undergoing our powerful treatment.

Our clients report that after their first one or two sessions they feel better, more vibrant, more alert; and as if they have clarity of mind and body for the first time in a long while. After the initial series of NAD treatments, you also return for two NAD maintenance “refreshes” which reinforce the healing taking place.

How does NAD BR+ help with Tobacco Cessation?

Nicotinamide in NAD BR+ is structurally similar to nicotine. When nicotine is present in the body (for example, from e-cigarettes, pipes, etc.), there is competition for nicotinamide enzyme binding sites, leading to less NAD BR+ being absorbed into cells in the presence of nicotine.

By supplementing your natural NAD BR+ levels with NAD BR+ IV therapy, your depleted NAD BR+ reserves are replenished and dependency on nicotine is reduced, helping you to quit smoking for good.

Nicotine is thought to be as addictive as heroin and cocaine, so the approach to successfully quitting must be just as powerful as those “chemical hooks”. As such our NAD BR+ treatment is not just another “replacement addiction”; which is often how the use of things such as nicotine gums, patches and even e-cigarettes are defined.

No, our NAD BR+ is a healing approach reversing dependence and is especially helpful by binding to receptors and reducing the symptoms of withdrawal, and lowering or eliminating cravings. It replaces the vitamins and minerals which have been depleted from Tobacco abuse.

Other Benefits of NAD BR+

  • Fewer withdrawal symptoms
    • Improved cognitive function
    • Cellular restoration
    • Better metabolic function
    • Antidepressant
    • More energy
    • Reduced cravings

We make no claims that NAD alone cures you of any addiction. Our team will make comprehensive recommendations and referrals for any and all other services that may assist you on your recovery journey.

While we believe that NAD use accelerates the process of healing, for some we know that there may be other concerns that need to be addressed ongoing.  As such you may be referred to or asked to consider, the benefits of ongoing psychotherapy to address other mental health concerns, imbalances in your life; stress disorders or other issues that prove very challenging to cope with without returning to previous use of a substance.  

Your success is our success and we take each person’s highly individualized needs into deep consideration throughout your treatments, and welcome the opportunity to work with you to improve the overall quality of your life.

Some describe NAD as a life-changing boost which restored their overall health, brain functioning and emotional wellbeing and energy level. We have seen how powerfully and quickly it does this and want you to be a successful  alumni of our NAD BR+ treatment approach.

If you are interested or ready to give your brain, life and body the changes it needs to help you quit and recover successfully with minimal downtime, and little to no discomfort; then give us a call now to get started and become  “Revolutionary”!

 One of the important questions that guides our desire to help people heal from the injuries addictive substances like tobacco have caused.

Who should be offered treatment for tobacco cessation?

Every tobacco user should be offered treatment for tobacco cessation regardless of their level of readiness to quit. Tobacco is an extremely harmful substance that lowers life expectancy and creates other damages in a person’s life. We should not continue to address addictions from the position that one substance is so much more harmful than another.

We should not tolerate or accept that it’s okay for anyone to be injured and poisoned by these substances; and later not be considered for types of treatment that can significantly lower and eliminate cravings and withdrawal because their level of use or injury caused to their life is considered “not serious enough”.  

Treatment should be based on the severity of nicotine or other dependence, the probability of developing withdrawal symptoms, risk of relapse, comorbidities, local resources, and patient preferences. Lastly it should be based on the Physicians assessment and clinical recommendations for effectively returning the person to an  optimal level of functioning in the most efficient way possible according to his/her expert clinical opinion.