Telemedicine, also called telepsychiatry, telehealth or televisits are virtual meetings held over the internet.These are currently the preferred way of providing care due to the COVID-19 crisis.

We will generally keep appointment times, just change to an online visit using your computer or mobile device.

  • A camera and microphone, typically attached to the device, is necessary.
  • An email is mandatory to send a link , so please send an email to or call to provide one if you have not yet done so.
  • The emailed link will direct you on how to use the software DO NOT enter credit card information if prompted, just click "next"
  • You will need to agree to the terms
  • Our website will have more information, including links to treatment agreement documents.
  • Documents can be emailed in, but the only secure method of transferring your information is through our fax, 425-818-3821

We can provide care to patients in Washington, Minnesota, and Kentucky.

Telehealth instructions

Please ensure to check the following when initiating telehelath:

If you are on an iOS device: you must use Safari browser only. 
If you are on an Android device: you can use Chrome or Firefox only.
If you are on a Windows/Mac computer: you can use Chrome or Firefox only.

When using Chrome, please confirm your camera and microphone is enabled. You can click on the lock icon near the top left corner, then look for camera and mic and ensure they are allowed/enabled.

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