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Take Advantage of the Ease and Convenience of Telemedicine

Experienced psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist Richard Repass, MD, and the staff at Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment offer the convenience of telemedicine to accommodate new and existing patients during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. These services allow you to receive the treatment you need without putting yourself or others at risk.

But telemedicine services are also advantageous outside of the current health crisis.

What telemedicine is all about

Telemedicine, also referred to as telepsychiatry, is a virtual meeting between a patient and provider through phone calls or internet technologies, like video conferences.

You can expect to schedule an appointment as you normally would, but instead of traveling to our office for your visit, you connect with us online. During your appointment, you receive the same type of focused care as you would in the office to ensure your treatment remains consistent.

The many advantages of telemedicine

The telemedicine services available at Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment offer many advantages and conveniences over a traditional, in-office visit. Some of the biggest benefits of telepsychiatry includes:

Health care accessibility

Telemedicine increases your overall accessibility to health care because you no longer have to go to the office to receive treatment.

This is advantageous if you aren’t feeling well enough to come into the office or aren’t able to secure the transportation you need to get there.

More options for treatment

If you live in an underserved, rural community, you may not have the same access to treatment options for mental health disorders or addiction as you would in a large city.

In fact, Dr. Repass and his team can now provide telepsychiatry services to patients in Washington, Minnesota, and Kentucky. We are also working on obtaining licenses in Montana and Florida.

By connecting with treatment specialists over the internet, you can save travel time and expenses while still getting the highest quality care available.

Reduction in health care costs

Because you can contact us at Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment through telemedicine when you need assistance, you can reduce your risk for hospital stays and other medical-related treatment.

Whether you’re dealing with the side effects of depression and anxiety or working on your recovery from methamphetamines or alcohol, you can continue to receive the care you need when you need it most through telemedicine.

Continue building foundations

Video and phone conferencing helps you maintain a strong working relationship with your provider, even when you can’t make it to the office.

The Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment staff continues to monitor your progress, addresses new challenges, and supports your efforts without extended wait times or scheduling conflicts.

Maintain connection during an isolating time

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how the world works. The quarantines and suggested isolation can be overwhelming for those living with mental health issues or trying to maintain sobriety.

Through telemedicine services, the Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment team can help you stay on track, even under the additional pressures the pandemic is causing. Your treatment can continue without risk to your own health or the health of your specialist.

It’s never too late to seek help, especially if you're struggling during such uncertain times. If you’re interested in learning more about the available telemedicine services, call us at Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment today.

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