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Testimonials & Reviews

Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment

Richard E. Repass, MD

Psychiatrist & Addiction Medicine located in Mercer Island, WA

28 total reviews

Dr. Richard E. Repass always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 28 reviews with an average rating of 4.96 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Richard Repass below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Submitted 08/13/21
I very much appreciate the very proffesional help and heart felt care Dr. Repass and his staff provided...... this clinic is special and has provided the help I needed. They know what they are doing and are very committed to seeing people healthy, happy and free.
Submitted 07/29/21
My life has been forever changed. I was an addict of everything. Dr.Repass and his team treated me so kindly they showed me love which I was not shown. His program changed my life I am a new person I am free from all addictions this program is not like any others. If you want to be changed and live a new life step up and go see Dr.Repass you won’t regret it.
Submitted 07/02/21
Dr. RePass is always helpful and positive.
Submitted 04/25/21
Such a good Doctor!!
Shavkat K.
Submitted 03/03/21
Dr. Repass always finds time and energy to help patients like myself with his expertise and knowledge. I'd highly recommend him to people experiencing health issues that he is specialized for. He is super-helpful!
Submitted 03/03/21
Dr. Repass always finds time and energy to help patients like myself with his expertise and knowledge. I'd highly recommend him to other people experiencing health issues that Dr. Repass is specialized for. He is super-helpful!
Submitted 02/09/21
Dr. Repass is the best doctor I’ve ever had hands down. He’s very attentive, knowledgeable, and always has your best interests at heart. If you want a first class experience call Revolution and go with Dr. Repass!
Eric H.
Submitted 12/04/20
BY FAR... the BEST addiction medicine treatment I've ever found!!! After speaking with Dr. Repass, it was obvious that he is compassionate, extremely well informed, & truly interested in helping his patients. I have to say that really everyone @ Revolution was amazing! Can't believe I didn't find them sooner. I started using opiates, cocaine, meth, alcohol, LSD, GHB, DMT, marijuana, nicotine & caffeine in my late teen years. I've had some some stretches of sobriety through the years, yet I was still a high dose/hard drug user my whole adult life (basically the last 25 years). For last 10 years I had been a "high functioning addict", using a MINIMUM of 24 mg. Suboxone daily & a MINIMUM of 4mg. Xanax daily. Not easy stuff to quit - at that dosage & for that length of time! After doing my homework (& I did the diligence... trust me) I found that a "real" NAD+ Infusion doc was practicing the same time tested NAD+ treatment methods very near to my home. I called Dr. Repass immediately. After my 10 day outpatient NAD+ IV infusion treatment with Dr. Repass, I felt almost no Acute Withdrawal Syndrome symptoms & 2 months later, feel almost no PAWS symptoms either! I understand this may sound like snake oil, but if you do the research too, you'll find that the folks at Springfield Wellness Center in Louisiana have been helping to heal patients addicted to a multitude of different substances for 20 years (The same exact method used by Dr. Repass / Revolution Addiction). I preach NAD+ as "miracle sauce" because it truly is the modern (and non-mythical) "Fountain of Youth"! I encourage anyone that is ready to finally stop using, get healthy & feel better to contact Dr. Repass! Thank you for everything Dr. Repass. I appreciate all that you & your staff do for us!
Submitted 11/19/20
I've had a opioid opiate heroin addiction for 15 years and drank heavily before that from a young age and always have had what I call a storm head. I've tried many mainstream treatments and a couple not and both the non mainstream treatments being iboga and BR+NAD have been the most helpful but the nad has stopped my brain storms and I am at peace also no longer a heroin addict. God bless dr. And nad and his clinicians
Submitted 11/19/20
Submitted 10/16/20
Dr. Repass is a great doctor - very informative - need to figure out haw to do the telemedicine call on Chrome.
J W.
Submitted 07/08/20
Dr Repass is a smart and very kind person who cares deeply about his patients. He is the complete package with MD, psych and alcohol treatment all in one, which is amazing. He has unique solutions that are not available at other treatment facilities. He is also very knowledgeable about what other facilities can offer you, specifically, and he will educate you on that and advise you to see those facilities if his solutions are not for you. This is a non-12-step set of solutions, which I find very important. We used telemedicine for the entire detox and it worked fine. He seems quite adept with the tech and that's useful because when you are detoxing you don't need a complex telemedicine solution, you need something simple.
Submitted 06/18/20
I'm quite happy with Dr Repass!
Submitted 06/16/20
From my experience Dr. Repass comes at the issue from a different perspective then other doctors.
Submitted 06/04/20
Dr Repass has an excellent understanding of brain health and medications and has helped me with several issues. I recommend him without reservation.
Submitted 05/19/20
I felt Dr. RePass listened to me which I haven’t felt with my past psychiatrists
Submitted 04/28/20
The virtual office visit works good.
Submitted 03/29/20
Was just like a normal visit
Submitted 03/18/20
I have only had my first meeting with Dr. Repass so my comments only reflect our first session. His understanding of my condition was spot on along with his goals to prescribe me medications they would only benefit me both from a medical and holistic point of view was completely fantastic. His compassion and understanding for me as a patient comes through tenfold compared to any other doctor I’ve ever seen in the last 20 years. If you feel that you are not meeting your goals with your current doctor I highly recommend seeing Dr. repass for his in-depth knowledge and his ability to prescribe the proper medications efficiently.
Brenda I.
Submitted 01/23/20
Dr. Repass is not going to treat you, he's going to cure you. He provides holistic solutions to complex health problems and solves them. He works Together, which is the only way things work long term. I'm military, we "work the problem" until the problem is solved. Dr. Repass works on our psychiatric and addiction problems until they're solved. He's committed to my best health. It's impossible to find a doctor like this.... but he exists!