Why Doctors Need to Show Up Against Racism

Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment stands in solidarity with all of our communities who are rising up in protest to denounce systemic racism. 
The events of the past week, surrounding the violent murder of George Floyd remind us of America’s long history of social injustice, and underscore our commitment to reframe our cultural norms in the name of health and equity.
We join a growing number of thought leaders, partners and stakeholders who are dedicated to fighting those injustices that have adversely impacted people of color throughout history.
Our collective efforts as friends and neighbors will bring us closer to the realization of a happier and healthier society for all.
As your community provider, I look forward to walking that path together. Please stay safe, and call our team of caring professionals at 425-243-5773 to schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Repass. Telemedicine and out patient detoxification services also available!
Dr. Richard Repass

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