When Telemedicine Is the Best Option for You

When Telemedicine Is the Best Option for You

Telemedicine offers you more flexibility with your health care than ever, which is essential if you have a busy schedule.

At Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment, board-certified psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist Richard E. Repass, MD, offers the convenience of telemedicine, or telehealth, to ensure you get the care you need no matter where you are.

This is especially vital when you’re receiving care for substance abuse or a mental health disorder, because consistent care increases your chances for successful treatment.

What to know about telemedicine

Telemedicine provides you direct access to Dr. Repass and our medical team through an online video conferencing platform. You only need a high-speed internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or computer to meet with our team for medical attention.

We offer appointment times and instructions for setting up our telemedicine platform in advance. At the time of your visit, you speak directly to Dr. Repass and our team through the online video connection. You get one-on-one attention to address your medical needs from the comfort of your own home.

Your access to telemedicine also allows you to follow through with your medical appointments even when you’re traveling for work or are on vacation. You can also book a telemedicine appointment if you’re too sick to travel to the office or if you have trouble securing transportation.

Services available through telemedicine

Because of the nature of our health care services, not all appointments can be done through the online telemedicine platform.

For instance, if you’re undergoing NAD+ detox for opioid addiction or other substance abuse disorders, you need to schedule in-office visits for daily infusions for up to 15 days. 

You also need to come into the office for NAD therapy to treat anxiety, depression, or other neuropsychiatric disorders.

Services we can offer through the telemedicine platform include general psychiatry counseling appointments and medication management evaluations.

You can also meet with our team online if you have any questions about your treatment or if you have urgent health care concerns that you need to address before your next visit.

Other advantages of telemedicine

One big advantage of the telemedicine services we offer at Revolution Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment is that you can still receive top-of-the-line care even if you live outside of the Mercer Island area.

Telemedicine makes it easier for you to access our innovative therapies for overcoming addiction and managing bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders without multiple visits to the office.

You can also use telemedicine services to accommodate your work schedule. Our team can meet with you via the online video platform if you can’t take time off for your medical appointments.

This makes it easy to stay on top of your treatment to maximize your overall care. You can also connect with us when you have questions about your treatments but can’t make it to the office due to work obligations.

If you’re not sure if telemedicine is right for you, meet with our team to discuss your options. Call our office in Mercer Island, Washington, or book a consultation online today.

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