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How Telemedicine Works

How Telemedicine Works

Traveling to a doctor’s office isn’t always possible, especially during the uncertain times of COVID-19. That’s why we offer the convenience of telemedicine at Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment.

As a board-certified psychiatrist, Richard E. Repass, MD, understands how important continuous care is for people with neuropsychiatric disorders and those who are in recovery from addiction.

Dr. Repass and our team offer telemedicine services to ensure you can meet with us no matter where you are, so you can keep on track with your treatment.

What to know about telemedicine

Telemedicine involves meeting with your doctor virtually, over the internet from the comfort of your own home, your hotel, or wherever you are. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer or phone with a camera and microphone.

We provide you with information about the software we use to connect with you virtually prior to your first telemedicine appointment. Once you agree to the terms and have your equipment set up, you can meet with Dr. Repass and our team at your assigned appointment time.

There are occasions when you will need to visit the office for an in-person visit, but Dr. Repass can meet with you virtually for routine follow-up visits, to discuss any concerns you have about your use of medication, and to answer questions you have about your treatment plan.

The benefits of telemedicine

Because you can meet with our staff virtually over a computer connection, telemedicine offers many benefits including:

Improved health and safety

Primary, virtual visits allow you to get the medical attention you need without the risk for exposure to the COVID-19 virus, flu, or any other infectious diseases. You can limit your in-office visits, traveling only when it’s necessary to meet with Dr. Repass in person.

You can also keep your appointments even if you’re too sick to come to the office without risking the health and safety of yourself or others.

No travel expenses

Telemedicine also saves you the hassle and expense of driving to the office. You don’t need to pay for gasoline or parking fees.

Flexible scheduling

If you’re not able to physically be at the office because of a busy schedule, you can still meet virtually with us on a regular basis no matter where you are. Even if you’re on vacation, you can keep your scheduled appointment.

Personalized attention

During your telemedicine appointment, you still get the one-on-one attention you get with in-office visits to discuss your questions or concerns about your health or your treatment plan.

More opportunity for care

Virtual visits through telemedicine allow people who may not otherwise have access to our services to get the help they need. 

If you live in a rural area or don’t have reliable transportation, you can keep up with your routine visits over the internet, so you don’t have to travel to the office as often.

If you need treatment for addiction or neuropsychiatric disorders, schedule a consultation today to discuss your options for telemedicine visits. We’re located in Mercer Island, Washington.

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