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How NAD Therapy Can Treat Your Neuropsychiatric Disorder

Neuropsychiatric disorders are a leading cause of disability in the United States. Because some of these conditions can be difficult to manage, experienced psychiatrist Richard E. Repass, MD, provides alternative therapies to get your condition under control.

Dr. Repass specializes in NAD+ infusions to address a wide range of neuropsychiatric disorders, so you can enjoy a healthier, happier life.

A deeper look at neuropsychiatric disorders

Neuropsychiatric disorders are diseases of the nervous system that cause mental health issues. These disorders also affect your cognition and behaviors.

Some common neuropsychiatric disorders we specialize in diagnosing and treating include:

Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are types of neurological disorders that can also cause psychiatric side effects like depression, mood changes, and behavioral problems.

Risk factors for neuropsychiatric disorders can include your gender, age, family history, and general health.

Getting help for neuropsychiatric disorders

To determine if your erratic moods, cognitive difficulties, or behavioral changes relate to neuropsychological disorders or other underlying health issues, Dr. Repass performs a comprehensive neurological evaluation.

He can determine which tests you need based on your symptoms, and he assesses many different brain functions including your:

The results of your tests help us determine your diagnosis. Dr. Repass then customizes a treatment plan to address your specific needs and symptoms.

Ideally, your treatment will be multifaceted and involve conservative therapies like psychotherapy (talk therapy) and medications. We also specialize in NAD+ therapy.

How NAD+ infusions treat neuropsychiatric disorders

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme found in all living cells of your body. This substance is essential for producing energy, repairing damaged DNA, and increasing the efficiency of communication between your nerves and muscles. NAD also boosts the neurotransmitter production in your brain.

When you have a neuropsychiatric disorder, your levels of NAD decline. This decline can zap your energy and make psychological stress that much more difficult to deal with.

Dr. Repass uses a special BR+NAD™ infusion to treat neuropsychiatric disorders. This infusion contains important ingredients including amino acids and vitamin B3 that support NAD in your body. With increased levels of NAD, your brain function improves, and your neurotransmitters balance out.

BR+NAD™ infusions restore your mental clarity and help you regain control over your impulsive behaviors. You can improve the health of your organs and your nerves, too. NAD infusions also enhance your metabolism.

What to expect during BR+NAD infusions

To help you receive full benefit of your BR+NAD™ therapy, Dr. Repass delivers it into your bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) line in your arm.

We closely monitor your vital signs throughout your infusion to ensure your health and safety. You can sit back and relax, read a book, or check your email during your treatment. Typically, you need to schedule infusions over the course of two days during your initial infusion.

Over time, Dr. Repass can provide you with lower dosages of BR+NAD™ to achieve the same benefits. The results of your treatment can last for two weeks or longer, depending on the type and severity of your disorder.

We continue to monitor your progress with treatment to ensure it’s working to your benefit.

Call our Mercer Island, Washington, office to schedule a consultation to discuss the benefits of BR+NAD™ infusion therapy.

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