Balancing Your Brain with BR+NAD Therapy

Balancing Your Brain with BR+NAD Therapy

When the chemicals in your brain aren’t properly balanced, it can contribute to a number of mental health issues and decreased function.

At Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment, Richard Repass, MD, offers BR+NAD™ treatments to restore brain function and balance. Dr. Repass successfully uses the proprietary BR+NAD formula to enhance your brain health and ensure it’s functioning optimally.

What to know about BR+NAD therapy

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a naturally occurring substance in your body and one of its most vital molecules. It’s found in every cell you have and is important for producing the energy you need to function.

When your NAD levels decrease because of mental health disorders, stress, illness, or addiction, your brain, organs, and nervous system can pay the price. The function of these systems may not work as it should, leaving you feeling worn out, struggling to remember things, and at an increased risk for illness because of poor immune system function.

NAD deficiencies are also common in people who don’t eat properly. If you don’t get enough vitamin B3 or niacin, your body has a tougher time synthesizing NAD.

Why consider BR+NAD infusion therapy

As one of the few providers of BR+NAD therapy in the country, we’re happy to bring the benefits of this treatment to those who are seeking recovery from an addiction to:

Nonaddictive BR+NAD infusions help stop your cravings for these substances, so you can find success in long-term recovery.

You can safely detox from drugs and alcohol while also restoring neurochemical imbalances in your brain that addiction causes. The benefits of BR+NAD infusions for those in detox can last for a year or longer, giving you the chance to learn the tools you need to stay in recovery.

You may also benefit from BR+NAD therapy if you have neuropsychiatric conditions like anxiety, neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, or movement disorders like ataxia. BR+NAD infusions can revitalize your energy and increase your memory, so you can enjoy a healthier, happier life.

What to expect during BR+NAD therapy

BR+NAD is an infusion therapy that also contains ingredients like amino acids and vitamin B3 that support NAD’s function in your body.

During your treatment, we start an intravenous line in your arm that delivers BR+NAD directly into your bloodstream. Your cells begin absorbing the infusions immediately, so they can start generating the energy you need to function.

As your NAD levels increase, your brain function improves, so you can think clearly and remember things easier. Your nervous system and organs also receive a cellular boost, so they can function optimally.

Timeline for BR+NAD infusions

Depending on the reason for your treatment, you may need several BR+NAD infusions over the course of several days to achieve your desired results. For instance, if you’re detoxing from methamphetamines or opioids, you may need 10-15 infusions to help stop cravings and allow you to begin your recovery.

We can discuss your options for BR+NAD infusion therapy during your consultation. Our team can also provide you with the resources and support you need to better manage your mental health.

Call us at Revolution Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment in Mercer Island, Washington, today to find out how BR+NAD infusion therapy can work for you.

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